Coming to Your Downtown Boca Neighborhood: Another Monster Construction Project.

MONSTER 200.  Another mammoth construction project.
You thought that Boca’s building binge was over? That developers had crammed about every square foot of concrete they could into our square mile downtown? Think again.

Take a look at what’s being proposed to replace the two-story townhouse development known as Mizner on the Green on SE Mizner Boulevard, just across from Royal Palm Plaza. It’s called Mizner 200. We call it Monster 200.

Proposed design for mizner 200

Proposed design for mizner 200

What you are looking at is one building, three blocks long and ten stories high. A single wall of concrete and glass that will block out sun, sea and sky. It dwarfs its neighbors and the Boca Resort golf course (they will have to put up netting the entire length of the fourth hole). The style of the building does not comply with the Mizner architectural guidelines contained in our City’s building code. The scale of the building is ridiculous—unless you are a developer only interested in selling high-priced golf course or ocean view apartments.

At a time when Boca residents are choking on traffic as a result of Boca’s building binge, it is almost unbelievable that our city advisory boards and City Council are considering approving a building such as this. There is still a chance that sanity and good taste might prevail. They can send Monster 200 back to the drawing board.

The developers of Mizner 200 will be seeking permission to begin construction from the Community Appearance Board, the Planning and Zoning Board and ultimately the City Council. If you agree with us that this monstrosity has no place in what used to be our village, please let our city officials know your feelings. You will find their e-mail addresses below. Send them a message!

Community Appearance Board

Planning and Zoning Board

The Boca Raton City Council

If they chose to ignore you, you can send them another message when we have City Council elections next March.

—John C. Gore  |  President
September 20, 2016