The mission of Boca

USA_BOCA_©CaptainKimo_WaterfrontHome_ed1.jpg is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to preserving the beauty and the historic architectural values of our city.  Since its inception in the 1920s, Boca has always been a planned community, governed by a master plan and strict building codes.  Now that plan and those codes are at risk.

Since 2008, your City Council has approved ordinances that have allowed builders to exceed Boca’s historic 100-foot building height limit in the “downtown” area. The first exception to the traditional construction rules, The Mark, is nearing completion and is mammoth. Construction has begun on the massive (three football fields long) Archstone Project on Palmetto Park Road.  A 14-story box is rising at the corner of Camino Real and South Federal Highway, the first of three phases of construction on that block.  Construction is about to begin on Tower 155, a 12-story building on a very small lot on North Mizner Boulevard.  Several more 100+ foot buildings are in the works.  If they are approved, say good bye to Royal Palm Plaza and Mizner on the Green as we know them.  Say good bye to downtown Boca as Addison Mizner envisioned it.The next time you are walking or riding in downtown Boca, take a look around. Are you happy with what you see?  How’s the traffic? How’s the parking? How are the views?

Those of us who support think it’s time to tell our city officials, elected and non-elected, that “enough is enough.”  We chose to live in the low-rise village of Boca Raton, not the condo canyons of Aventura, Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach.  

We are not opposed to development.  We are opposed to a process that seems to be rigged in favor of the developers--  a process under which it is possible to have building after building project approved by exception, and where the results are anything but exceptional.  We are opposed to the abandonment of Boca’s historic height and density requirements because we have seen the result.

Our mission at is to inform the public and to advocate downtown development that comports with a quality of life envisioned by Boca Raton’s founder Addison Mizner and supported by our city fathers for most of the last 85 years.   Boca Raton was not intended to be a “major urban hub.”

If you agree, please support us in our mission to educate the public.  We need to convince our city officials to call a halt to the current building binge, to carefully measure the impact of what has been  approved in the last five years, and to come up with a plan going forward that will preserve the beauty and historic values of the Boca Raton we all love.

Growing Boca Gracefully.