The mission of, preserving beauty and architecture. is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to preserving the beauty and the historic architectural values of our city. Since its inception in the 1920s, Boca has always been a planned community, governed by a master plan and strict building codes. Now that plan and those codes are at risk. Since 2008, your City Council has approved ordinances that have allowed builders to exceed Boca’s historic 100-foot building height limit in the “downtown” area. Our mission at is to inform the public and to advocate downtown development that comports with a quality of life envisioned by Boca Raton’s founder Addison Mizner and supported by our city fathers for most of the last 85 years. Boca Raton was not intended to be a “major urban hub.” If you agree, please support us in our mission to educate the public and come up with a plan that will preserve the beauty and historic values of the Boca Raton we all love.

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At we're currently focused on two very important topics for Boca Raton:

1) Save the Boca Raton Post Office

We need to work together to save our downtown post office which USPS has threatened to close. Every Boca Raton resident should write to our officials and to the USPS to let your voice be heard.

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2) Hold developer Elad accountable 

We must hold the developer Elad to the promises they made when they won approval for their mammoth 200 Mizner project—now called The Monarch. They are asking for changes that should not be allowed.

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The mission of is to inform the public and to advocate downtown development that comports with a quality of life envisioned by Boca Raton’s founder Addison Mizner.



At we strive to educate the public in order to preserve the beauty and the historic architectural values of Boca Raton.


Take Action

We are actively seeking  support to communicate our message and come up with a plan that will preserve the beauty and architecture of the Boca Raton we all love. Want to donate?


What has accomplished?

Looking around the expanding City of Boca Raton, it is easy to conclude that the battle to save its character has been lost. But the battle is far from over, there is still time to get it right, and we have accomplished much already. We have:

  1. Highlighted the problems of overdevelopment
  2. Strengthened our media & government presence
  3. Helped change the political dynamic in Boca
  4. Helped delay the largest development project ever proposed for downtown Boca.
  5. Bought precious time for for those who run this City to step back and PLAN before approving massive construction projects.

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5 Minutes to understand Ordinance 4035

Boca Raton’s elected and appointed officials are scrambling to explain how so many of the existing and planned buildings in Downtown Boca appear to run afoul of our City’s basic development ordinance. Perhaps it’s a scandal, but it might well be because almost nobody has paid much attention to the 65-page law which was passed over 20 years ago. So for those who haven’t the time or the inclination, here’s everything you need to know to monitor the upcoming Boca downtown development debate:

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In the local newspapers

Next time you are driving, walking or jogging through “downtown” Boca, take a look. New construction is everywhere—from Camino Real to Palmetto Park Road. Not only are these new projects BIG, but most of them exceed Boca’s historic 100-foot height ordinance.

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