An important message for supporters:

Residents now can turn to Boca First, Boca Watch and Boca Save Our Beaches for updates and advocacy. If you are not linked into these groups, you should be! Check out their websites or connect with them via social media.

In view of these positive developments, the Board of Directors of BocaBeautiful has voted to take a pause. Instead of operating as a stand-alone organization, our members will be lending their financial and advocacy support to Boca First, Boca Watch and Boca Save Our Beaches. We hope you will support them as you have supported us.

We are not abandoning the fight for a better Boca. We are just joining a larger army. We hope that you will join us. We will continue to prove that informed and engaged residents can make a difference.

John C. Gore
May 6, 2019

A lot has happened since was founded four years ago. The most important development is that Boca is no longer a developer’s paradise. The days of “ask and we will let you build it” are over. We have seen this with the continued delays over Midtown, the denial of new construction on our beaches, and the hard-fought compromise over Camino Square.

The politics of Boca has changed. We have moved from an era when almost any development project had 5-0 support in our City Council, to one in which there is much greater support for the concerns of residents and neighborhoods. That balance will be tested again when residents go to the polls next March. We could even end up with a resident-friendly or resident-responsible­ majority on our City Council next year. 

The important thing is that most of our elected and appointed officials are not taking the views of Boca residents for granted. Nor should we take for granted that the politics of change in Boca will continue to trend our way. 

To guard against a return to the bad old days, new citizen activist groups in Boca have been created, and established groups have become more energized.